Translating my emotions into art is my way of understanding the world.
I specialize in illustrations for children and middle grade publishing projects such as: books, comics and graphic novels.  

I draw inspiration from moments of solitude, where I can connect with my thoughts and emotions on a deeper level. These moments often spark my creativity the most. As an artist, I have always been fascinated with the complexity of the human mind, our psychology, feelings and emotions. Through my art, I dive deep into these aspects, exploring their many nuances trying to understand myself and the world around me.

As a child, drawing was my refuge from sadness - a world I kept to myself. In my teens, I began to write poetry and stories, exploring different ways to express myself creatively. Later on, I pursued my passion further and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Graphic Design. Combining my love for writing and visual art, I delved into storytelling and started creating and illustrating stories. Do you have a story, a book, novel in mind? I'd love to hear all about it. 
I particularly enjoy creating art for projects that explore complex themes in children literature. From spooky and ominous stories, to mental health related subjects. My work encompasses both traditional and digital media. I began my artistic career using traditional media such as charcoal, acrylic, oil, colors and chalk, developing my skill in realistic drawing and learning about human anatomy and that of objects in general. Currently, my preference is the digital medium, as it gives me flexibility and control. However, I'm always ready to make my hands dirty again! (with paint). :)

Thanks for being here!
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